Nathaneil Huynh

I am a Freelance Fiber Artist and Crochet Pattern Designer who specializes in the creation of amigurumis. I started crocheting in the last year of high school through the support of a teacher who was a huge role model for me. It was very nice being able to have a creative outlet I was proud of sharing with friends and family. During 2020, I decided to build a platform for myself under the name KumaCrochets which has been my greatest motivation to continue doing what I love. I hope that I am able to share the joy of crocheting and all the knowledge I've procured over the years!

Shops and Patterns

If you are interested in any of my works and would like to show support, feel free to check out any stuff I have available on my shop or any digital PDF pattern instructions I have designed!

Crocheting is a traditional art style and craft, meaning that it will be a very time consuming process. Please understand that as a fiber artist designer, the quality of my work is important so I will communicate with you throughout the whole process to make sure you receive a commission you and I are happy with!

Thank you so much for checking out my commissions page, but I'm currently unavailable for commissions until September. Please refer to the waitlist status below for current updates!

Commission Order

- All prices listed on the form are minimum estimates, so quotes may vary depending on order complexity
- Quotes are non-negotiable, but complexity adjustments and size changes can be revised to change overall order price
- Must be readily able to pay a 50% deposit before starting, but any orders that are less than $100 must be paid in full initially
- Completed orders will be sent out after shipping is added to total order cost and once the rest of the payment is paid in full
- Request to skip the waitlist will be charged an additional 50%

Terms and Services


- All quotes are non-negotiable and priced in USD currency. Payments for all orders will be made through Paypal
- Minimum of 50% deposit must paid at the start of production


- I am still the rightful owner and designer of any custom patterns produced from any of the commissions made
- Crochet patterns included with the commission may only be allowed for personal personal use, under no circumstances can it be redistributed for commercial purposes.
- Any characters made into crochet patterns or designs produced from the commission are planned to be shared on my social media and sold commercially on my ecommerce platforms unless requested specifically against it


- You will be receiving a physical commission which will also include a digital rough draft crochet pattern if it was recorded
- Pricing is subject to change according to when the commission is started. (If quote was given months prior, but decision to start is present day, than original quote may be readjusted in price)
- I am unable to make major changes to the commission that will change the composition of the work drastically. Additional fees will be adjusted according to the severity of the changes.
- Commission prices include material, tools, labor, and skills, but if there is a need for more materials, additional fees will be requested on top of the original price


I appreciate any support I receive from all of you. I am thankful for any purchases made from these links!